Every project needs a plan, every plan should have a vision, and every vision a manifesto right? Well maybe not, but I wanted to add a bit of context to what this blog is all about. It began as a soccer blog focused mostly on Orlando City, adding a bit of scholarship on the side. After a dry run I came to the conclusion that many come to, there are better blogs writing about Orlando City soccer, and I didn’t feel I would be adding anything with another blog about my hometown club.

If I want to write about Orlando City, there are other places to do that. Having covered the club for both SBNation’s The Mane Land and MLSsoccer.com I hope to write about Orlando City again in the future.

So after deleting the few posts I had on Orlando City, I was left with the soccer scholarship. As a graduate student wrapping up his master’s degree in history, the history and social context of my favorite sport is always something close to my mind. I don’t write on it in my research, which is focused on urban history and the youth movements of the 1960s, so this blog became an idea of a way to read and consider the history of soccer. The long-term goal being a research project of some kind or another one day, or maybe just a chance to read a lot of cool articles and books and share some ideas.

I may (or may not) branch off into some rants about writing or something vaguely related.

A quick note on “the.” I think the name of this blog is a bit presumptuous, I’m hardly the first name in soccer scholarship. The truth is, someone already used “soccer scholar,” so that’s where we’re at.

I hope my engagement of soccer’s vast literature, both academic and public, will spark some conversations or even just some thoughts of your own. Updates will be a bit spotty December as I am still wrapping up my graduate research, but I’m looking forward to blogging on all sorts of soccer scholarship from all over the world.